Safe Spray Franchise

With a Safe Spray franchise, you won’t be working long hours and having to worry about gathering the equipment and supplies you need for your business. We’ll provide you with these, so that you can focus on running your franchise and
ensuring customer satisfaction.


Become A Franchisee

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    Safe Spray Startup Package

    If you’ve dreamed of becoming a business owner while still being able to enjoy a healthy work-life balance, Safe Spray offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Our franchise owners are able to work a flexible schedule that best suits their needs and make a steady income due to the high demand for our commercial disinfecting services. We use eco-friendly, EPA-registered disinfecting solutions that are effective at eliminating viruses, bacteria and harmful pathogens including coronavirus, influenza, and more. As a franchise owner with Safe Spray, you’ll have plenty of support from our company to help ensure that your franchise is a success.

    Keep in mind that investing in a Safe Spray franchise involves low start-up costs, a high return on your investment through repeat business and the demand for new business, and the chance to provide a highly valuable service to different types of businesses and facilities in your area. The industries we serve include restaurants, healthcare facilities, offices, retail stores, industrial facilities, manufacturing facilities, academic facilities, and apartment buildings.

    Startup Package Inclusions

    Our startup package provides everything you need to begin building your local business. We offer the following to each new franchise owner:

    • Designated Territory/Area
    • Service Agreements
    • Company Bio
    • Contracts
    • Proposal Documents
    • Certificates of Completion
    • National Online Marketing Logo
    • Website
    • Business Cards
    • Door Hanger Flyer
    • Hand Flyer
    • Client Folders
    • Window Stickers
    • Door Stickers
    • Magnets
    • Case Studies
    • Price Sheet
    • Call Scripts
    • Email Templates
    • Social Media Posts
    • Vehicle Wrap Designs
    • Safe Spray Disinfect Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer (back pack)
    • Victory Electrostatic Cordless VP200ESK (Hand Held)
    • Portable High Volume ULV Fogger
    • Hygiena ATP Systemsure Plus
    • Uniforms
    • Facemask (Branded)
    • Facemask N95
    • Overalls
    • Gloves
    • Protective Eyewear
    Safe Spray Chemical Package (150,000 Sq Ft Supply)
    • Safe Spray Step 1 Wipes
    • Safe Spray Step 2 Disinfectant Solution
    • Safe Spray Shield Formula
    • Online Training Video Library
    • Live On Site Training (Additional Costs Apply)
    • Lead Generation
    •  Local Online Marketing

    Why the Industry

    Safe Spray provides a vital service for businesses, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is an industry that is expected to continue being successful in the coming years. With a surge in COVID-19 cases, it’s more important than ever that businesses keep their facilities as clean as possible. Safe Spray offers the opportunity to keep surfaces from harboring coronavirus and other harmful pathogens that can make people sick.

    Even without a pandemic, businesses must maintain clean and germ-free premises in order to keep employees and customers safe. Commercial disinfection is a service that will stay in demand on an ongoing basis, especially since it allows commercial property owners to focus on their business rather than having to devote time to cleaning and disinfecting.

    Benefits of Commercial Disinfection Services Franchises

    Owning a commercial disinfection services franchise offers the benefits of running a business without all of the usual drawbacks of being a business owner. With a Safe Spray franchise, you won’t be working long hours and having to worry about gathering the equipment and supplies you need for your business. We’ll provide you with these, so that you can focus on running your franchise and ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Having a commercial disinfection services franchise also means you’ll be running a business with steady or increasing demand. Unlike other industries, our industry does not experience drops in demand. We provide essential services that a wide range of businesses and commercial properties need.

    Why Safe Spray

    Why should you consider becoming a Safe Spray franchise owner? With a Safe Spray franchise of your own, you can enjoy the benefits that come with being a business owner and deciding how much growth you want to pursue. Being a franchise owner with Safe Spray means you have the flexibility to determine your own schedule, allowing you to have free time to spend with your family, do hobbies, or travel. With our support and guidance, you’ll have a successful franchise that gives you the opportunity to make money while also providing commercial customers with a valuable service.

    • Grow at Your Own Rate

      As a Safe Spray franchise owner, you get to determine how large your business grows and how quickly you want to expand it. Whether you start with just a few staff members or several, you’ll have the training and support needed to help your franchise grow at your desired rate.

    • Start Fresh and Achieve Success

      In order to become a Safe Spray franchise owner, you don’t need to have prior experience owning a business or working with commercial disinfectants. We provide you with the supplies, support, knowledge, and training needed for getting started as a new franchise owner.

    • Get Reliable Support

      Even though you’ll have your own business as a Safe Spray franchise owner, you won’t be left on your own. As part of our company, you’ll have access to dependable support and everything you need to start and maintain a successful commercial disinfection services business.

    Training and Support

    Safe Spray is committed to ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction, which means having staff and team members who have the right skills and knowledge to disinfect businesses as safely and effectively as possible. As part of this commitment, you can expect to receive ongoing training instead of a one-time training session only. With ongoing training, you can count on having up-to-date industry knowledge to ensure the safest and most effective cleaning techniques and the proper use of our products and equipment, including our fogging equipment and electrostatic sprayers.

    Since we use cutting-edge technology in order to provide highly effective commercial disinfecting services, we realize the importance of having all of our franchise owners maintain updated knowledge on our equipment and products. This includes learning the proper use of these in a variety of commercial environments.

    Our training and support for our franchise owners also includes guidance in selling our services and products to all of our commercial customers. We’ll make sure you develop the skills and knowledge for successful sales.

    We have support available for franchise owners at all times. Whether you need information on our products and equipment or have questions or concerns about sales or other aspects of the Stay Safe franchise, our staff is here to help.


    Expert Marketing Solutions for Your Safe Spray Franchise

    At Safe Spray USA, our marketing team understands how important it is to have targeted and successful ways to reach out to prospective customers. Marketing your franchise digitally requires being up-to-date on the latest online marketing trends. This can be a time-consuming process that takes focus away from running your franchise. That’s why our marketing team is here to help you with marketing solutions based on the most updated marketing trends and strategies.

    Marketing Programs and Services

    Our marketing team knows how important it is to create and implement effective marketing strategies. As a Safe Spray franchise owner, your success helps us continue to provide you with marketing solutions to boost business and maintain satisfied customers. Safe Spray offers the following marketing solutions and services:

    • Local and National Marketing: Local marketing helps you establish a solid customer base in your immediate area, while national marketing
      helps you expand that base and reach customers all over the country.
    • Digital Advertising: We help you build a presence online to draw prospective customers through paid online advertising, SEO strategies,
      and ad placement.
    • Customer Feedback and Retention: Keeping your customers happy with your disinfecting services is crucial, so we provide guidance and
      assistance in retaining them and gathering feedback to determine ways to improve as needed.
    • Local Website: As a franchise owner, you’ll have your own local website that customers can easily get to from our main website. This dedicated website makes it easy for local customers to find you through online searches.
    • Social Media Management: Social media platforms, including Yelp and Twitter, are a great way to establish a rapport with existing and
      prospective customers, but managing and updating these accounts effectively requires considerable time commitment. Our marketing
      team can assist you with managing your franchise’s social media accounts.

    Cost and Fees

    Why Invest in a Safe Spray USA Franchise?

    Safe Spray USA offers high-quality, effective commercial disinfection solutions that are in high demand. Investing in a Safe Spray USA franchise provides you with a chance to grow your business in an industry with steady demand. When you become a franchise owner with our company, you can expect a high return on your investment.

    Initial Cost and Fees

    What can you expect to pay in terms of costs and fees? This varies based on different factors, but keep in mind that this typically includes startup costs, as well as operating expenses, equipment costs, insurance costs, and other fees. If you’re thinking of investing in Safe Spray in order to become a franchise owner, contact us today.

    We can provide you with additional information on how to get started as one of our franchise owners

    A Franchisee

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      Call: 1-855-SPRAY-US